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ULTRA Plate Holder

ULTRA Plate Holder

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Thanks to the HotSwop Ultra, you can completely rebuild your rear end, including the rear. Remove the tail light, brake light, indicators and number plate light - in seconds. Loosen the locking bolt and you can easily remove the plate holder together with the lighting.

Ultra Plate Holder

The licence plate is attached directly to the plate holder.

  • Patented innovation MADE IN AUSTRIA
  • ASL (Angle Spring Lock) technology, ensures that your licence plate angle is adjustable but still holds its position.
  • ETF technology (Elastic-Tight-Fit) ensures that the tail always sits absolutely free of play.
  • Vibration damping
  • Bidirectional dirt ejector (maintenance-free)
  • High-quality materials: stainless steel and EN AW-7075 alloy (from aerospace)


The ULTRA adapter and the ULTRA plate holder are at least needed for a starter set. 

The ULTRA Wiring Kit is an optional addition.

Plate Holder: The removable licence plate holder fits on every adapter unit.

Adapter Unit: Is customized for each bike and is permanently mounted on the rear.

Wiring Kit: 6-pin connector system (IP67) certified, must be wired independently.

Assembly instruction: Download

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