HS - for Hundred Seven Ideas

HotSwop Performance Parts was founded in 2017, focusing on the development of a quick-change system for motorbike number plates. In 2022, HotSwop merged with HS GmbH and the team grew to nine employees.

With this new potential also comes HS’s goal of developing 107 product innovations.


Whenever we start a new project, we make things more intelligent and therefore easier to use.


Empathy for our clients is an essential feature of all our developments. We focus on a beautiful look, inviting colors and a smooth surface. Finally, smart solutions have to have an attractive design.


With an exceptional team we are developing and producing our
products in Austria.

Thanks to the high standards of production in Austria,
we can guarantee the highest quality at all times and offer a
two-year warranty

Through a combination of quality suppliers who are as close to the factory as possible, HS GmbH sets the course for a long-term, constant and qualitatively reliable production.